Guia de Arquitectura de Lisboa – 1948/2013

“Lisbon with the architectural guide
Nothing says more about a city’s history than its architecture, and Lisbon is no exception. Discover the city with the help of Guia de Arquitetura de Lisboa — 1948 a 2013. Published by A+A Books, this bilingual guide, which is considered to be of cultural interest by the Portuguese Secretary of State for Culture is essential reading for the studious, passionate and curious. The guide takes the reader off on a journey back in time and space through Modernist Lisbon, the Lisbon of the Estado Novo (the name of the dictatorship that ruled Portugal from 1933 and 1974) and back to the 21st century. The buildings found in the book are presented with a profile, a critical text, photographs and, depending on their complexity and different characteristics, drawings of the architecture. The guide’s 280 pages also have room for presentations and justifications, tips for use, bibliographical references, indices and maps.” Maria Ana Ventura, in Revista UP

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